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The Importance of Limiting Your Screen Time

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The Importance of Limiting Your Screen Time

  • Posted by: miry

Smartphones, gaming systems, and screens are everywhere. They are in our homes, bedrooms, offices, vehicles, pockets, and purses. Have you ever considered how much time you or your family members spend on a screen? While these electronics are helpful or entertaining, the amount of time we spend on them can become a problem. Technology has provided a lot of connection and entertainment during lockdown, however, it is also important to put it aside every so often and focus on the outside world. Reducing screen time helps your brain relax and concentrate on tasks without being interrupted. Over time, this improves your capacity for concentration, helps you control your emotions, and streamlines your planning process. Limiting the amount of time you spend in front of a screen, especially in the two hours before bed, helps your body regulate your sleep cycle. This lets you sleep better and for longer. Your central nervous system experiences more stress and produces more cortisol, a stress hormone. You may restore the balance of these substances in your body by taking breaks from screens.

Author: miry

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