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Friends or vampires?

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Friends or vampires?

  • Posted by: miry

Have you ever had a friend whom, every time you spend time with them, afterward you feel like you need a long hot bath and a three-day nap? It’s not that this person intentionally wants to hurt you, there is something about their energy that has a depletive effect on you. Somehow, more and more of us are finding ourselves in the company of ‘social; vampires. Social vampirism can take a toll on our wellbeing.

If you’re a sensitive person who derives real enjoyment from caring for others or you simply have poor boundary-setting skills, you’re a natural magnet for these energy vampires.

Here are 4 signs your friend is an emotional vampire:

  • They don’t know when to let something go: To get you to drop a disagreement, they will pester you and debate with you until you give in.
  • They are always in the middle of a crisis: Somehow, the emotional vampire manages to turn little things into crises.
  • They want always all the attention: Instead of listening, they’re mostly waiting for you to stop talking so they can interject with a story about themselves.
  • They rarely accept fault: Despite their ability to turn every minor setback into a major crisis, the emotional vampire believes that none of their problems are the result of their own mistakes.

Author: miry

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