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The WellBiz (ESG) Policy


The WellBiz

We’re The Leading Authorities Equipping Executives With The Resiliency & Mindset Skills They Need To Effectively Lead Their Teams.


At Sheena Eizmendiz LL (DBA) The WellBiz, we are a certified women minority-owned business committed to making meaningful connections by supporting equity and diversity. We offer our diverse teams and clients a safe space to be vulnerable and get the support they need to develop into the best versions of themselves. Our corporate responsibility supports everyone equally no matter their ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disability, or gender identity.

This is our commitment as we move forward to become even more inclusive, equitable and diverse.

Disclaimer: The client is aware that the coaching/ and or hypnosis relationship is not to psychological counseling or any form of mental health therapy. Coaching/ and or Hypnosis does not treat illness or pathology. The client is also aware that Coaching/ and or Hypnosis results cannot be guaranteed. The client agrees that he/she is entering into Coaching/ and or Hypnosis understanding that the client is responsible for their own decisions and results.

Capability Statement

Our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your unique needs and drive meaningful change.



Sheena Eizmendiz

Mindset Coach | Strategic Advisor | Facilitator

Sheena is the CEO of The WellBiz, a Mindset Coach, Strategic Advisor and Facilitator on the topics of emotional intelligence, DEI, leadership, and resilience. She is an influential advisor in the corporate world for Fortune companies. She has over 25 years of working with an extensive client list including CEOs of multi-million dollar companies and political leaders. She has appeared on numerous TV, radio stations, and podcasts as a leading expert in mindset coaching, hypnosis and NLP.  She is a master curator of leadership and wellness retreats for her corporate clients. Sheena is passionate about social causes, philanthropy and speaks on the topics of resilience, truth, and change.



Ebony Smith

Coach | Strategist | Consultant | Facilitator

Ebony is a leadership development expert with a passion for creating forward-thinking leaders. After 20 years of risk-management experience in the Fortune 100 (Sunoco, BP and World Fuel services), her full-spectrum-lens view of leadership has empowered her to help individuals hone their goals and reach their full potential. She centers her career around transformational risk management where she partners with clients to develop leadership resilience and design foresight strategies for deployment.


Johnny Sfeir

Coach | Speaker | Facilitator

Founder of CX Academy providing inspirational direction as a consultant, trainer, and international keynote speaker, leading high-performance teams, customer experience concept creation, executive leadership training, and coaching. Johnny has extensive experience in operations and optimization of resources to address business growth and disrupt cultures to help them thrive. Successful in creating and implementing strategic plans, revenue maximization, and developing improved processes to meet short and long-term objectives within teams. He is a Certified ICF Coach and speaks 5 languages. Johnny is one of the leading trainers and keynote speakers in Mexico, Spain, and the Dominican Republic for top 5-star luxury hotel chains.


Bill Tingle

Coach | Speaker | Facilitator

Bill is a seasoned C-Suite executive, leadership development coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, and business leader with 30+ years of international business experience. He has led organizations in delivering transformational business solutions while cultivating high-performing teams. Bill is passionate about partnering with business leaders to increase individual and group performance to new levels never imagined. He has worked with both highly technical and creative individuals and is extremely adaptable to varying situations. Bill is known for his keen ability to listen to individual client and team concerns, surface obstacles to goal realization, and create new pathways for breakthrough results.

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Maria Paula Garcia

Strategist | Facilitator | Podcast Host

With more than 20 years in the social sector, she has honed her skills in research, evaluation, and philanthropy, aiming to boost impact while nurturing a joyful work environment. She assists donors and nonprofit organizations in maximizing their effectiveness through strategic planning, grant writing, program evaluation, informed decision-making, comprehensive reporting, and fostering a positive team atmosphere. “Mapi” helps organizations recognize, document, communicate, and enhance their community impact. Her particular strength lies in her contributions to nonprofit organizations, social services, organizational growth, and grant writing. Additionally, she co-hosts “The Joy of Impact” podcast and is fluent in both English and Spanish.


Eddie Rodriguez

Coach | Keynote Speaker

For over 20+ years, Eddie has been a global coach and speaker. Spoken in front of top-level executives and entrepreneurs on the topics of leadership, stress management, and effective communication. Eddie has appeared on numerous television, radio stations, and magazines throughout South Florida including Primer Impacto and Vida Total television shows, and has been featured in Ocean Drive Magazine and Voyage Magazine. Eddie has emerged as one of Miami’s most sought-after motivational speakers. He is bilingual in English & Spanish.


Marly Q Casanova

Kindness Influencer | Facilitator | Event Creator

Marly Q is a Kindness Influencer, TEDx speaker and podcast host inspiring thousands of people worldwide to Perform Acts of Random Kindness (PARK) since 2010. She’s also an award-winning event creator, certified yoga instructor and leadership trainer who works with corporations, nonprofits, schools and municipalities to create impactful retreats, workshops and events designed to spark connection, community and a culture of kindness towards self, others and the world.


Inez Romaguera

Employee Benefits Consultant

Inez is an Employee Benefits Consultant provides services to Corporations and Employer groups. She has been in the Employee Benefits field for over 28 years, and she consults regularly with executives helping in the strategic planning and development of their Employee Benefits Programs. Inez’s specialty is advising and working with employers with benefits plan design, health care data analysis, management, corporate wellness programs and marketing of Insurance programs.


Anadel Alberti

Coach | Mentor | Facilitator

Anadel Alberti is a creativity coach and facilitator, passionate speaker and founder of the Audaciously Authentic Movement™. Anadel has been featured on multi-media outlets like, Univision23, VoyageMIA, Live Doral Magazine, among many others. She has been invited to speak at organizations globally such as, L’Oreal, Listen Learn Care (Office Depot) Foundation, BUPA Global, HIG Capital, Leaders Recognizing Leaders, We All Grow Summit, Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce, Women Empower X, among others. With thousands of coaching hours, hundreds of workshops, national & international conferences & thousands of people impacted by her message, she defines her clients as her inspiration to keep building a happy and fulfilled world. She helps leaders and teams be audaciously authentic and to step into their greatness.

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Karla Faundez

HR Advisor | Consultant | Recruiter

With over 25 years of comprehensive Human Resources experience, Karla is the premier HR expert with personalized services to protect your businesses from employment claims. Offering clients HR services for compliance, strategic HR advise, recruitment, stay interviews, employee handbook updates, performance management, employee relations, training, payroll, benefits and HR functions, so business owners can focus on the continued growth of their business. She specializes in bridging the gaps for a stronger workplace by providing small to midsize businesses with an onsite Human Resource department, customized HR projects, and Talent Acquisition.


Yanyn San Luis

Strategist | Speaker

Yanyn “Yany” San Luis is an epic expert in sales and negotiation and has helped fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Hyatt increase their bottom line by millions of dollars and coach their sales teams to level their daily performance. As a professor, she has taught her fail-proof negotiation framework to hundreds of sales/marketing students at Florida International University. Through her tried and true methodology, she has secured millions in individual and corporate philanthropy for non-profit organizations across the US. She is passionate about helping individuals leverage their strengths, demystify the negotiation process, and ensure they walk away with what they are worth.

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Mirielys Perez

Executive Creative | Designer

Mirielys Perez is a talented and accomplished creative executive designer who is the proud owner of Visuapex Creatives. With over a decade of experience in the design industry, Mirielys has developed a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of the creative process. Mirielys started her career as a freelance graphic designer, working with small businesses and startups to develop their branding and marketing materials. She quickly made a name for herself as a designer who could deliver high-quality work on tight deadlines, and her reputation grew as she took on more complex projects.


As coaches, facilitators and consultants, 100% of our work is dedicated to amplifying leadership qualities for individuals and top-level executives. We help identify what the issues really are, in order to design appropriate and effective solutions. Relying extensively on customized, actionable recommendations that draw on robust problem-solving frameworks and programs to meet our client’s needs.



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