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Sheena’s diverse and comprehensive background is what sets her apart and provides a solid foundation in her work as a thought leader of human interactions. Bestselling author of “Path of Emergence: From Loss to Triumph.” Sheena is a global Corporate Trainer and Keynote Speaker on the topics of diversity, equity, inclusion, leadership, and emotional intelligence. Sheena also focuses on working with top Fortune companies by providing leaders and their teams with a personalized solution through her executive and personal development coaching programs. She helps build active relationships grounded in common goals and mutual respect. She is passionate about social causes, philanthropy and speaks on the topics of resilience, truth, and change.

Once deemed, the “Coaching Expert” by Miami’s iHeart Radio’s Y-100 Station for her weekly talk show. She has over 20 + years of working with an extensive client list including CEOs of multi-million dollar companies and political leaders. She has appeared on numerous TV and radio stations throughout South Florida as a leading expert in her field of hypnosis. Her tools and techniques aim to bridge the gap between Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Personal Development, and Executive Coaching to help victims of abuse, trauma and addictions.


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Dare to lead the life and business you deserve? Here are just a few of the challenges she can help you overcome.


Personal Development, Executive Coaching, Corporate Trainings, Motivation, Public Speaking, Confidence, Stress Management, Team Building, Effective Communications, Self Esteem, Depression, Sexual Abuse, Addictions, Relationship Issues, Childhood Issues, Anger Management, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Codependency Issues, Fears / Phobias, and Guilt.

Disclaimer: The client is aware that the coaching/ and or hypnosis relationship is not to psychological counseling or any form of mental health therapy. Coaching/ and or Hypnosis does not treat illness or pathology. The client is also aware that Coaching/ and or Hypnosis results cannot be guaranteed. The client agrees that he/she is entering into Coaching/ and or Hypnosis understanding that the client is responsible for their own decisions and results.

As a coach and corporate trainer, 100% of my work is dedicated to amplifying leadership qualities for individuals and top-level executives. I help identify what the issues really are, in order to design appropriate and effective solutions. Relying extensively on customized, actionable recommendations that draw on robust problem-solving frameworks and programs to meet my client’s needs.



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