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We offer services ranging from in-person to virtual, including executive coaching, strategy consulting, and trainings. Our expert approach is tailored to motivate action and achieve your goals. Start your journey book a discovery call to find your perfect fit.



Evelyn Falcon, Ed.D

Sheena’s trainings are simply outstanding. Her ability to engage and inspire both students and staff is unparalleled. She tailors each session to meet the unique needs of our community, leaving a lasting impact on everyone involved.

Evelyn Falcon Ed.D

Assistant Dean @ MDC Hialeah Campus

Ileana Daly-Bronstein

I cannot tell you enough how wonderful the presentation was to our team. Sheena inspired ALL of us.

Ileana Daly-Bronstein

Executive Director of Development at Bascom Palmer

Dennise Vazquez

Committing to your business goals is pivotal to making a business grow. Sheena puts together a great way for you to make yourself accountable and organize all your business goals short and long term. Thank you Sheena

Dennise Vazquez

CEO @ The K's Elite Realty

Katy Annicchiarico – Bupa Latin America

Sheena is a great corporate trainer. She will work with you to customize any training program your company might need. She is very attentive and has an awesome attitude.

Shannon Santos / Operational Director @Coastal Construction Group

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Sheena and her team on several in-house training programs here at Coastal primarily focusing on Professional Development and Compliance trainings. Sheena and her team go above and beyond to ensure each program meets our needs and is in alignment with our business strategy and overall culture. Sheena brings her high energy and passion into every session making for an exciting and engaging program. Sheena and her skilled team of trainers have helped us elevate our training program and I am extremely grateful to have developed not only a professional relationship with Sheena, but also a personal one.

Shannon Santos

Operational Director @Coastal Construction Group

Leon De la Torre / Managing Partner & VP Acquisitions @ LKM Development Group

Sheena is an excellent speaker and a powerful executive coach. She helped me to prioritize my business goals and master plan my time effectively with just a few simple strategies.

Leon De la Torre

Managing Partner & VP Acquisitions @ LKM Development Group

Ibis Valdes / CEO & Founder @ Ibis Valdes Consulting

Sheena is a great mentor and DEI practitioner. She helped me to prepare for a 3-hour workshop with nonprofit attendees. All the content, activities, and tips helped to make for a fantastic experience for everyone involved! I highly recommend Sheena’s services for teambuilding and introduction to diversity and inclusion.

Ibis Valdes

CEO & Founder @ Ibis Valdes Consulting

Raquel R. Hickey | Senior Relationship Banker @ Truist Bank

I scheduled my consult and signed up for 7 sessions (what I could afford). Seven sessions later, after wanting to quit with two sessions remaining, Sheena stepped it up, did NOT allow me to quit and shook me out of my funk giving me very specific action items they were not negotiable and I am happy to report that with her perseverance and not letting me quit accomplished to bring my confidence back and I am now out of my sales funk and back to being my confident self, building my own new business in another field! Thank you, Sheena!!!

Robin Eliani | Attorney @ Robin Eliani

Sheena is a special woman.  She truly has a gift to help others and is always there.  Her work with my son and I was not only amazing, but she continues to guide and support my entire family in every way because she is a truly caring individual. She is genuine in her work and as a person.  I am lucky to have found Sheena and would highly recommend her.

Ebony Smith | CEO @ Ebenum Equation

 Sheena taught my hypnosis certification course. She was fantastic at breaking down concepts and giving the group lots of opportunities to practice. After each practice session. Sheena gave specific and actionable feedback to help with my skill acquisition. I left the course confident and ready to use the materials.



People strategies to develop individuals and leaders to be successful in their life and businesses.


Each person holds all the power they need within themselves. Sometimes, all they need is a little push, a little direction, a little coaching and they quickly step into their greatness.


Generating innovations in personal development and corporate trainings.


Innovative tools stimulating social impact by creating new solutions to pressing societal challenges.


Designing customized solutions that meet your needs.


Your needs are unique, which is why we commit to making our solutions customized.

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