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I have created a career speaking in summits, seminars & corporations throughout the country. With over two decades of experience working in some of the most exciting and demanding environments, I’m able to bring practical real-world experience to my speaking events. I love to share my life-changing practices with the world and inspire leaders with the tools to succeed.

Talk to me about organizing a talk, keynote speaking, or being a panelist in your next event or organization. — I can travel to you, you can jet over to me, or we can meet virtually. It’s that simple.


Aligning Your Business To Your Personal Truth

Operating our lives and businesses in accordance with our values means we are in alignment. It is when our “having” and “doing” and “being” in the world matches up with our inner truth. Operating in alignment with our values gives us confidence, effectiveness and a state of flow.

Being An Intentional Thinker

Moving from reactive to proactive begins with intentional thinking. Recognize the problem and identify your triggers. Learning to identify emotions that shape decision making is key to increasing efficiency and positive thinking in the workplace.

What it Takes To Be a High Performance Leader

High-performance leaders aren’t just driven, they can anticipate crises, manage change, and block out the distractions around them. It requires discipline, imagination and vulnerability.

Be Bold, Brave and Beautiful

Practice is the key to being bold, brave and beautiful in your own skin no matter what others think you should be. It takes practice, a few bruises and a lot of courage to face those parts of us we don’t like and making them powerful again.

Show Up and Own Your Power

Learn the art of call to action that will take you from feeling powerless to becoming powerful in the way you show up for yourself and others.

We Plan and Then the Universe Plans

The universe serves us, it doesn’t please us with what we want. We don’t like it when things don’t go as planned, but if we allow ourselves to believe everything happens for us and not to us, we begin to see purpose for all of our experiences.

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