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Serve Yourself First!

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Serve Yourself First!

  • Posted by: miry

If you’re in the service industry, listen up!
Learn to choose yourself first. That’s right! Serve ‘YOU’ before you serve anyone else.

That means…work on your unresolved issues, work on your childhood traumas, or even your adult traumas. Work on you! Take care of those parts of you that need healing that need to be addressed before you go out there and attempt to work with anyone else.

I am always seeing people in the service industry whether they’re coaches, therapists, Reiki practitioners, yoga instructors, or even corporate trainers. Going out there with the right intention, wanting to help others and be of service. But they’re not working on themselves…

And they’re constantly putting out there all this toxic positivity about being motivated: “Be inspired, be optimistic, be positive,” but the reality is that all of that is toxic positivity because it isn’t real. Before you can help anyone else, you must first work on yourself, embrace and hone that sense of positivity by healing and making breakthroughs with your unresolved trauma.

Author: miry

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