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Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

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Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

  • Posted by: miry

The number one distinction between happy optimistic people and negative pessimistic people is MINDSET.

You either have a growth or a fixed mindset. Here are 5 examples of what fixed versus growth mindset looks like:
Fixed mindset: “I can’t, I don’t know how to do it, Forget it”
Growth mindset: “Hmm, well how can I do it?”

Fixed mindset: “How much does that cost? What is that going to cost me?”
Growth mindset: “What’s it worth exactly?”

Fixed mindset: “Everything that happens, happens to ME”
Growth mindset: “It is all happening FOR me”

Fixed mindset: “Well I guess, What do I have to lose?”
Growth mindset: “What do I have to gain? Where is my gain in all this?”

Fixed mindset: “There is always a problem in my life. All I see are problems.”
Growth mindset: “All I see are opportunities to become better and grow.”

Author: miry

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