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3 Benefits of Mind-mapping

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3 Benefits of Mind-mapping

  • Posted by: miry

Mind-Maps are great when you need to think creatively, and can help you to make new connections between ideas. After a lot of research in the fields of neuroscience and psychology, mind mapping techniques were made. This is useful when you have problems to solve. When done the right way, mind mapping will save you time. A mind map helps you to quickly outline your notes.

A mind map gives you more than just information. It puts everything into context. You can see how information is linked, flows, and is combined.

  • It makes complex ideas easier to understand – it breaks them down into smaller concepts. Often used for strategic planning to make essays and projects more achievable.
  • It boosts your creativity – helps with lateral thinking which means you can bounce around thoughts and avoid linear thinking.
  • It helps you recall and remember information – boosts retention by 10-15% and memory.

Author: miry

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