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Do The Work!

  • Posted by: miry

Out of the many things we come to experience in life, one of the main things we have to focus on is personal development. Because when you work on yourself, you are learning to become aware of who you are. You are working on the things you need to improve or change. You are stepping into your greatness and also the darkest parts of you.

When you are truly coming from a good space. When you have done the work of the self, you learn not to give a f***. You don’t give a f***. You don’t care about who hates you, because you no longer focus on those people or those things. You look at that and you think, they must hate me, because they must really hate themselves. They have not done the work. They’re coming from a place of pain. You’re choosing to come from a place of growth.

As you continue to work on you, you no longer seek validation from others. You don’t care to impress others either. Because impressing yourself, is all that matters. So you push yourself to be better.

You realize that true fulfillment comes when you invest in you. When you take the time, the energy, and the effort to work on the areas about yourself that you truly want to change.

Working on you is an act of self-love. Others will call you selfish, but thats OK. Work on you and prioritize yourself. Personal development is the role that is going to get you exactly where you want to go.

Knowing that you are no longer willing to give a f***, and that most importantly, you are not going to sabotage your new opportunities to come. so WORK ON YOU!

Author: miry

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