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Work on You

  • Posted by: miry

Have you every noticed those people that don’t like you, don’t like whatever you post on social media, always have something negative to say. They leave you negative comments and message you saying negative things. Sometimes they will try to offend whatever it is you’re trying to say or the way you are. But they don’t stop following you; they don’t stop watching your content. But they don’t like you.

Their feedback is negative because they are so f***ing negative.

Honestly, I feel bad for those people, because the reality is that these are the kind of people that invest their time, energy, and effort into hating on others, instead of working on their own personal development. These are the kind of people that don’t realize that every time they do this, they’re revealing to everyone how incredibly broken they are. They are sad people.

If they had anything better to do. If they knew how important their energy was in the way that they invest it, they wouldn’t be wasting it on hating you. They would be investing it in themselves.

You and I both know those people, and this message is for them.

Author: miry

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