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You Are Going To Piss Off Some People

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You Are Going To Piss Off Some People

  • Posted by: miry

You are going to aggravate people the moment you decide to work on yourself.

The moment that you decide that you’re going to work on yourself, you’re going to aggravate a ton of people. And you need to know that this is OK. Working on a better version of yourself has nothing to do with them. You are taking a step forward towards your future self. Taking this initiative is more than enough and will take you very far. The people around you who get angry when they see you win, are not worthy of you. The ones who help you in your success are your real friends.

The reason why people react in a negative way is because you are growing. Your energy is shifting. You begin to expand. You begin to behave differently. You are becoming a better person.

This is going to aggravate them, so keep shining, keep glowing, and don’t stop!

Author: miry

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