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What are you doing to make a difference as a leader in such a diverse world?

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What are you doing to make a difference as a leader in such a diverse world?

  • Posted by: miry

Anyone can be a leader, but what are you doing to make a difference as a leader? Let’s look at what makes someone a leader. A leader is someone who guides the team to do their best with qualities like having a clear vision, being honest, having passion, having courage, not being hesitant, having self-awareness, etc. These qualities tend to be the main ones that shape a leader. To be an effective leader, you must be confident in yourself and make sure your voice is heard by putting yourself out there. You must also embrace your failures as they are learning experiences and help you grow. Not only must leaders step up, but they must step up TODAY to lead better.

How fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion helps you be a better leader.

In simple terms, diversity is accepting, understanding, and valuing the differences between people in and out of work. Equity is fair treatment of all, that everyone has the same chance to move up the ladder. Inclusion is the setting in which people all work together, comfortably, and provide for a cause. Inclusion ensures that everyone is both valued and adds value. To be a great leader and make a difference, these three things are needed in the workplace so that not only the workplace and the teams thrive, but so do you, as you set an example to other leaders. A few ways leaders can establish DEI is by:

  1. Talking with your team members about diversity, equity, and inclusion. Talking about the subject with others helps to best educate them on the subject. Sharing successes in DEI on platforms shows both that your company and you, a leader, are bringing more DEI.
  2. Involve the entire team. Unconsciously picking specific people to take a break or have a separate meeting from others can be biased. We must remove bias so there is more fair treatment.
  3. Be fair in hiring. You can’t be biased when you are hiring people. When hiring someone and looking at their resume, you must be looking at what they may bring to the table. Ways to make sure you are being fair can be by implementing blind hiring practices, have fair background checks,  job inclusive ads, avoid making prejudgments on candidates, etc.
  4. Have pay equity. Having pay equity is a big plus to your leadership and company. This will promote commitment and lower turnover. 
  5. Share employee stories. This one may seem a bit off but it means to allow employees share stories about how the company/leader is bringing diversity, equity and inclusion. An example would be if someone with a disability shares how the company provides accommodations for them and provides equal opportunities. Another example could be if an LGBTQ+ person shares in what ways the company shares/embraces pride.

Author: miry

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