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Being a Changemaker in Today's World

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Being a Changemaker in Today’s World

  • Posted by: miry

What being a changemaker looks like in today’s world. 

A changemaker is someone who inspires a group of people to make an impact on society. Changemakers are individuals who view the small and big changes in life as great opportunities, and who combine this can-do attitude with a strong ability to take massive action. They simply need no permission to take action where they feel matters most. They can be activists, innovators, leaders, creators, developers. Anyone can be a changemaker as long as they want to make a difference. No one can inspire change alone, but with the help of others we can all strive to be a changemaker. Currently, changemakers are the key to helping reform old traditions, rules, and ideals that no longer serve us as a society. The world is dealing with so many unprecedented circumstances, and we are seeing senseless acts happening, segregation, the planet in crisis, politicians exposed for corruption and crimes, etc. This all tells us it is time for change and the more we decide to impact change, the more we move a bit closer to advancing in our civilization. Luckily, becoming a changemaker has been a bit easier these last few years because of the importance of social media. By the click of one button, whether to record, to take a photo or to send a message, changemakers are bringing awareness across the globe and inspiring us to question the world we are living in and inspiring us to change it for the better. 

What are some characteristics of being a changemaker?

  • to be optimistic
  • to be creative
  • to be a risk-taker
  • to be a leader
  • to be thoughtful
  • to be self-aware
  • to have confidence
  • to have courage

A few examples of current changemakers:

  • Emma Gonzalez (Gun Control Activist)
  • Greta Thunberg (Swedish Environmental Activist)
  • Sonita Alizadeh (Activist Against Forced Marriages)
  • Kelvin Doe (young Sierra Leonean Engineer)
  • Jazz Jennings (LGBTQ+ Trans Activist)

What are some questions you want to ask yourself before deciding to be a changemaker? 

It’s important to understand your deepest motives. 

1. Why do I want to be a changemaker?
2.  What are some of my options?
3. Am I ready to be a changemaker?
4. What can I do to make my vision come alive?
5. Who do I need to become to create impact?

Author: miry

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