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Getting the most out of your 21 Day Self Discovery Journaling

  • Posted by: sheena

I’ve always been invested in working on myself for many years now.

I’ve tried multiple disciplines and modalities looking for things to help me be the best version of myself and most importantly, to live my life with purpose.

For sometime now, I’ve used journaling as a road to clearing all the mental clutter, but more so, to purge emotional baggage we are carry from different experiences that impact our lives.

Journaling is a powerful brain dump. I always recommend my 1-1 coaching clients to practice journaling as a way to release unwanted behaviors and emotional patterns from their lives. It’s powerful and almost magical how quickly we begin to see the shift.

Here are some FAQ’s to help you out.

How should I begin doing this?

There’s no real “right” way to do this. It’s all about what works for you. I have created a guide on my website to prompt you on daily topics to focus on. You can also follow my Instagram Stories, where I am posting videos giving you further instructions.

Is there a specific time for me to journal?

There’s no better time to journal, then a time that works for you. I choose to journal in the evenings, once I am done with my day. This is a time I feel more connected to myself since I don’t have anything to work on or distractions that get in my way. Some people love journaling early in the morning. This is the best time for them. It all depends on what you prefer. The key is to be consistent and preferably look for a time you can commit to each day.

What if I can’t journal everyday?

OK, you skip a day, no big deal. We need to learn to rewire our thinking and not feel as if we have failed at something simply because we are not able to do it exactly as we expect or as others expect of us. Life sometimes gets in the way and other unexpected things. It’s life, there’s always tomorrow. Just don’t make it a habit. Remember how important it is for you to commit throughout all of this.

How will I be held accountable?

Easy. I am here to guide, support and hold you to your word. I’m a BIG commitment person, I take commitment very serious. Each day, you will share your photo or video on your Instagram Stories and tag me. This will notify me, you are serious and on board honoring your word.

What if at some point, I feel like quitting?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you felt like quitting during this process. We are constantly looking to sabotage ourselves. It’s human nature and we are conditioned at a very young age to do this. It doesn’t mean that it is right or healthy. However, if you are thinking of quitting, remind yourself ‘WHY’ you decided to do this in the first place. Ask yourself, how will quitting serve me? Is that who you want to be? You will need to push through the resistance. Remember, resistance is just fear trying to have a voice. Listen to it, but know, you don’t need to follow its desires. You are always under your own control. It’s OK if this makes you feel uncomfortable. After all, you probably have heard me say, life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

How will I benefit from this challenge?

Journaling works because it will give you clarity and conscious awareness of what you are thinking and feeling. So often, we find ourselves numb to our feelings, not understanding what they are or how to change them. This influences the way we show up in the world. It’s our responsibility to push through this. How else will we change those patterns of behaviors and emotions that do not serve us, if we don’t know what they are? Journaling will help you with this. It’s also a great way to release the heaviness that ways us down physically, mentally and emotionally. Dump what you no longer need to hold on to.

If you are excited to embark on this journey with me, follow me on Instagram @sheena.eizmendiz and visit my website for your 21 Day Self Discovery Journaling Challenge E-Book @

I look forward to being a part of your growth & healing.


Sheena Eizmendiz

Author: sheena

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