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Being alone isn’t the same thing as being lonely

  • Posted by: sheena

They feel similar, but they don’t represent the same thing. Aloneness means to experience your life as presence, aliveness, a sense of completeness. You and you alone are enough. For many, aloneness helps to recharge their batteries. They feel energized by focusing on their inner world instead. Unlike the feeling of loneliness which comes from lack, a feeling that something is missing. It is often accompanied by pain, sorrow, sadness and despair. It is perceived as an incompleteness, an absence of love, fulfillment or joy for life. An aspect of loneliness is that you can be surrounded by people yet still feel completely isolated and lonely.

If you feel this way, ask yourself why? Deep dive to find out what parts of you are in need of love. Tune in and listen. You may be telling yourself a story. We often do that. We tell ourselves stories that support the way we feel, but they are not real. They are only stories. Being alone is a great thing too experience. I encourage you to perceive it as a new awakening. A journey of self discovery.

Author: sheena

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