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Me First! Loving Yourself.

  • Posted by: sheena

Between being a mom, grandma, friend, sister, or lover we come across many people who we grow to love. Our lives revolve around the relationships we make and the love that sustains them. Sometimes, it gets to that point that you’re so busy loving everyone else that you haven’t stopped to think about if you’ve reciprocated that love to yourself as well. Think, how much time to you dedicate to treating yourself right? I don’t mean how often to you get yourself ice cream, but rather how often do you give your body some self-love?

As a natural born caregiver, I am more inclined to tend to those around me before tending to myself. I catch myself doing this over and over again, each time in a sliding upward scale. I went from serving everyone at the table before myself to serving everyone at the table but myself. I easily get lost in the caregiving world when I’m in environments which make me feel inclined to take the lead. However, it is just as easy to get lost in loving everyone else as it is to fall back in love with yourself.

Take the lead in loving yourself by getting dressed in the morning. I don’t mean throwing on some clothes, but pride yourself in expressing your personality through your style. Treat yourself to those three new pairs of stylish sneakers that will take your right to the dance floor. Along with that, you wear confidence, it will glisten in your eyes. Don’t forget to love your body too, and love all of her, the boobs, the hair, and the hips that never lie.

While you’re looking great on the exterior, be sure to take care of yourself on the surface and interior as well. Wash your body with soaps that don’t contain harsh chemicals and wear sunscreen, and don’t forget to keep your nails groomed. Feed your body with foods that will nourish you, not foods that are going to give you heart burn, gas, and possibly be the reason your all-time favorite jeans don’t fit anymore.

Love yourself by doing things that work towards making you feel brighter and healthier. Separate time in your day for just yourself, it’s important to not lose track of who we are while we living through different lenses based on the role you have in any relationship. The more you learn to love yourself, the better lover you can be to those around you. Those in a relationship with you will love you just as much as you love yourself.

Author: sheena

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