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Speak Your Truth

  • Posted by: sheena

What does speaking your truth really mean? It means telling your story and knowing that it doesn’t define you, but it makes you into the person you are today. When I help people overcome their challenges it’s inspiring to hear their stories. When you speak out against the barriers that are holding you back you become the voice for so many people. 

In everyday life, I work with people to help them reveal and speak their truths, on topics including depression, sexual abuse, childhood and relationship issues, confidence, etc. These struggles don’t define who you are, yet instead, think of them as characteristics that make you a powerful person. Use this as the power behind your voice to touch the hearts and minds of other people. 

I myself am a testimony to the power of speaking your truth, and how sharing your struggles and beliefs can teach others to deal with their own struggles. In my new book Path of Emergence, I share my truth with you all of spending 21 months in federal prison after being accused of a crime I didn’t commit.

To hear more of my story you can join me at my book launch on October 19, 2018, at 1 Hotel South Beach for the launch of my book, my story, my manifesto, Path of Emergence: From Loss to Triumph. Hope to see you there! 

Photo credit:  Joao Tzanno

Author: sheena

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