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Are relationships really a thing of the past?

  • Posted by: sheena

Tinder, Ok Cupid, and Bumble are some of the dating apps used today by many to meet someone. The only thing is that most of the times it used simply for “hookups” and many don’t want a real relationship. The younger generation now a days prioritizes other things, such as education, before dating. This doesn’t mean that dating is dead, but it definitely has changed throughout generations and now seems harder to find someone worth dating. Whereas in the past people would like each other and go on dates, we now “talk”. This means that you are not dating someone, so you are not tied down to them, but you still enjoy their presence.  

Why do everything people in a relationship do but not date? This is a problem that many millenials face nowadays, they don’t want strings attached, they want to explore and the thought of commitment might even scare some. Many even say that monogamy is something from the past, which is a bit sad. “The Bachelor and Bachelorette” follows one boy or girl on their journey to find love, but they are “dating” 20 to 25 people until they find the one. Although there are situations like these, it does not necessarily apply to everyone, there are still those “traditional” couples that go on dates.

As we move on from those traditional ideas, dating also changes. People are more open to relationships, and many are even satisfied without one. Dating is not left behind in the past, but there are also people that prefer not to date or be in a relationship, and that’s perfectly normal.

Author: sheena

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