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Is Rejection Really a Bad Thing?

  • Posted by: sheena

No one ever wants to be rejected, you may feel upset or even embarrassed. It’s something that is basically inevitable, whether it’s telling your crush how you feel, or not getting into a university you dreamed of. But is rejection all that bad? No, it’s not, each time you get rejected, you learn something.

Rejection becomes a good thing when it opens up new opportunities for you, teaches you a lesson, or may even expand your circle. Somethings aren’t meant to be, and although your crush may have rejected you, someone new may catch your attention and this is the person that you are truly intended to be with, so it may not be all that bad. When one door closes, another opens. Everything happens for a reason, even if you may not see it at first, it always works out for the best and new possibilities come up.

Since a child, life has been teaching you constant lessons, whether positive or negative. This makes you take a step back and evaluate something, if you didn’t get a job, how can you improve? Next time you will know and be more prepared to kill that job interview. It may be an even better position than one that you originally got declined from. You will also meet new people, and expand your circle. The more people and connections you make, the better, because if you leave a positive impact, they may be able to help you one day.

Although Rejection may be this big scary monster that we fear, it really isn’t, it helps you grow as a person and doesn’t necessarily have to be feared. Yea, you don’t go into a situation hoping for rejection, but the outcome may be even better than if you hadn’t been rejected.

Author: sheena

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