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Agents of C.h.a.n.g.e.

  • Posted by: sheena

When we think of change we tend to get scared, our toes curl up, we hold our breath, scratch our heads and we fidget. None of which is exactly inviting but it is inevitable until we decide to reframe how we view change. Change doesn’t’t have to be scary, it can be exciting. Change is the gateway to growth, a journey we all must embark on in order to grow.  So, from now on, whenever you think of change, visualize it as an acronym and not one big word.

Create Happiness, Awareness, Newness, Greatness and Excellence 

Stare at that for a moment so that your mind see as pat of your normal. Allow yourself to taste, feel, smell and touch c.h.a.n.g.e. It is truly a very tangible thing that can take you from living on the sidelines of your life, to being the head field agent in your life. Now, do not let your mind trick you into thinking this means you have to change the world. Read carefully, this is about simply being an agent of c.h.a.n.g.e in your own life, not everyone else’s. However, if you are compelled to helping others, do so in a way that can serve your and them. Being an agent of change to those who need us is very rewarding. It doesn’t mean we have to “save” them, it simply means, we are committed to helping them.

Upgrading yourself from a sideline member to field agent becomes a much more easily accepted invitation when you remind yourself that change happens over time. It is an innate part of who we are as a species to never stop changing, we were created to question and challenge the universe and that is beautiful. The most beautiful part is that once you graciously accept positive change in your own space you become an energetic field that welcomes new people who aspire to achieve greatness through happiness, awareness and excellence.

Reframing your perception of change also reframes your mental perception of fear. Our hormonal system already knows that adrenaline can be interpreted as fear or excitement by our brain, it is up to us to tell our brain which way to go. When to be excited about c.h.a.n.g.e, we make every moment fun because it can be exciting, our bodies get hyped up and we let go of our curled toes and stiff breath.

Being an agent of change in your life is a decision that takes practice once you decide to make it, but it is a decision that humans were built to handle because there is absolutely nothing our minds cannot do once we allow the process to unfold in within us.

Author: sheena

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