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Are you really connecting or just getting by?

  • Posted by: sheena

Despite our constant contact with people near and far to us we are forgetting to connect. We are allowing our views, likes, shares and comments to fill voids in our lives when in reality they are only fostering behaviors that seclude us from our purpose and from each other.

It is ok to take space, to think about who you do and don’t want to exchange energy with. Just consider that for a moment, consider slowing down just a tad in your social interactions and shifting that energy over to your own awareness. We are living in a time where everything in our lives appears in an instant; at the click of a button we support, expose, donate, make friends, share news and become informed. These are excellent moves forward for accessibility is important, communication is key and knowledge is power. Yes, in a click we can give but is that all we should be doing? Are we ensuring that our hard work, creativity, time and presence are also being given?

Ask yourself that question and remind yourself that arriving at a result is equally as important as the process that carries that arrival. Do not rush this process, changing behaviors is challenging but not impossible. Be patient with yourself during this process and remind yourself that every challenge is an opportunity. Understand that knowledge is a never ending process that you should invite yourself to pursue forever.

In order to change your behavior you must be willing to look within and be honest with yourself about what no longer serves you. The answers may be frightening but that does not mean you should not move forward. Our brains translate excitement in the same way it translate fear, adrenaline is a very powerful hormone that when used correctly can catapult you forward into wonderful new behaviors.

Merely asking yourself these questions is a huge step forward. As you look more and more into yourself you will find yourself connecting with the right people and activities that truly serve you. You have to want to change and once you do, remind yourself to be open. If you don’t check in with yourself or are not open to the opportunity of having someone else check you- how will you be sure that you have not gotten lost along the way? Imagine how silly it looks to go up a creek without a paddle.

You do not have to travel up the creek of change alone, you simply need to be willing to travel differently.

Author: sheena

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