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Having It “All” But Feeling Empty

  • Posted by: sheena

Do you sometimes find yourself unhappy with the life you are living? Are you constantly asking yourself, “what if”? If yes, please keep reading so that together we can change your life.

Typically, we arrive at a point our lives where we pump the breaks for a second and realize that we have no recollection of how we got to where we are. It is like driving to work, after a while we stop paying attention to the drive because it is no longer novice and we space out into a world of never ending to-do lists. This happens because we get to a point where we feel we have accomplished as much as we should in our lives and forgo our right and necessity to being aware of what is around us.

We are not exactly sure how we arrived to this point in our life but when we start thinking about it we feel dazed and full of regret. You consider all the things you have in life and you are full of anger or sadness and it feels awful. You look at your job or your car or your relationships and you reach a boiling point of anxiety as your lack of fulfillment consumes you.

Stop right there. This is not about feeling sorry for yourself or trying to make up for “lost time”. It is about making the most of your time moving forward. Consider the long unconscious drive you have been has been as long as it has needed to be and quietly place the car in park and step out. Guide yourself slowly to your nearest happy place, even if only mentally and reflect. Not on what you would do differently but on how you can make meaningful changes in your life that will keep awake on every drive you take from now on.

Often times we get caught up in meeting the expectations of others that we forget to ask ourselves about the expectations we have for ourselves. We get caught up in “making it” that we forget to be living it. If you land a dream job that isn’t in your dreams is it really a dream job? Nope. Our dreams, goals and expectations are 100% our own, we get to decide what mattes us. Profit will only fill your insides with feelings of gold temporarily, it will ultimately do nothing for you if it is not attached to a purpose.

If you think you have it all but feel empty on the inside patiently reevaluate your perspectives and your purpose. Take a few moments to create a list of what you once knew you wanted, what you have already have and what you know you want now. It will be challenging but acceptance is the first step. We give birth to a whole new us when we chose to accept and move forward. Fulfillment is the birth right of acceptance, enter into this space and you will quickly let go of those cold empty feelings.

Author: sheena

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