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Exercise Your Mind with Positive Thoughts

  • Posted by: sheena

Today you are going to lift light energetic weights with your mind. Imagine yourself walking into a gym where everyone is glowing, literally beaming with positively charged energy. The colors are calm and soothing, it smells fresh and the music is relaxing. The rule this gym has is “positive thoughts only”. The consequence for negative thoughts is immobility. When you allow negative thoughts to linger in your mind your body freezes and you cannot move until you refuel your mind with positive thoughts.

Think about it, when you dwell on negative thoughts you are stopping yourself from progressing, you waste time on playing out negative scenarios. So today while you are stretching, lifting or running at this “positive thoughts only” gym allow yourself to create positive scenarios for all the goals you wish to achieve. What is the worst thing that can happen?

We obsess over what we look like, what people are doing and saying and we lose our minds to these trivial matters and we fool ourselves into thinking that our minds are not strong. When in reality, the moment we set our mind towards a goal our subconscious takes that energy and directs us towards achieving that goal. The mind is a very powerful tool and we can truly achieve anything when we use its energy properly.

Negative thinking can be a tough habit to kick, but if you are patient with yourself you can get to a point where positive thinking becomes a habit. Make it a game for yourself that way you will always want to break a sweat at the “positive thought only” gym. When a negative thought enters your mind immediately stop yourself from going any further and take a deep breath.

Throw logic out the window for a second and create the most positive outcome to whatever it is you are thinking about, allow it the thoughts to be ridiculously happy and feel the excitement in your belly. Hold on tight to that excitement and notice how bright your smile is and how satisfying it feels to fuel your body with positive energy. Your body functions better when you are happy, your soreness goes away, the load on your shoulders feels lighter and life looks different.

Feel free to reward yourself with a treat when you correct your negative thinking. Go out with your friends, have your favorite snack, watch your favorite movie, do whatever makes you feel good. This is how you will create a physical addiction to positive thinking, this is how you break bad habits and easily exercise your mind with positive thoughts.

Author: sheena

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