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You Are NOT Superwoman

  • Posted by: sheena

We live in a time where women have more rights than they ever have, where mothers and CEO’s are one in the same and yet there is so much work to be done. As women we are never done fighting because we are in constant pursuit of protecting our loved ones, of being a voice for the voiceless and symbol of strength and empowerment for all. After all that protecting and evolving we still feel the need to hide beneath a cape and meet the standards of a fantasy title. We live in a society that expects a lot in return for little effort, we are expected to fix the problems of our world in one day and it is exhausting.

With our capes tied tightly around our necks holding our emotions “in place”, makeup done perfectly to complement our masks and outfits pressed and put together to meet the challenges of day to day life, do we really expect to not break? In the non-stop fight against discrimination and inequality we have become accustomed to being in defense mode, to intimidating the opponent, whoever it may be. Our unrealistic expectations of being Superwoman have us fighting our employers, our loved ones, our fellow Superwomen and above all, ourselves. By assuming the Superwoman role we remove any space for bending darkness to our strength and simply allow that darkness to break us when the weight of it is naturally, too much bare. No super power makes you invincible.

Being a part of a cause does not meaning losing yourself to it. If you allowed yourself a moment to appreciate the scene that unfolds on the rooftops of which we fly and fight from, you would see that there is progress to appreciate, love to indulge in and that the very cape you cling to is what is holding you back. Do not give power to the enemy by disguising yourself. Embrace who you are proudly by showing the world what lies beneath that cape and mask. Be honest with yourself, allow yourself to learn new things, to make time for yourself and to be vulnerable. Remind yourself to breath and create a space where you and others are comfortable. As women we are meant to build but we do not have to do it alone. We do not have to be Superwoman in order to protect and save the communities we live in.

Author: sheena

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