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Pause and Reflect

  • Posted by: sheena

Every so often we meet someone who rocks our world, who disturbs our comfort and creates a space in our minds for question. When we meet this person we want to give them all the credit for shaking us awake and we allow ourselves to forget that we attract what we need to see in our lives. It is easy to forget that everyone we come across is a mere reflection of ourselves. What we see in others we can only see because we recognize within ourselves and that goes for the good, the bad and everything in between.

Now, for a brief moment take yourself back to that time when you and this person met. Connect to the entire moment by recalling sights and sounds and smells, feel the world you once knew rocking within you and taste the reflection of everything you have just seen. With a few deep breaths bring yourself back to the moment you are currently living in and just pause. With every fiber of your being allow your thoughts to be unbiased and neutral. Do not ask questions, do not linger on any one particular aspect for too long; just pause and reflect.

Typically, it is easier for us to take a moment to reflect on a situation when it is for the better of someone else, we tend to put ourselves last and never really get to our own time of reflection. So for today, chose to take 5 minutes to pause and reflect on a particular aspect of your life: school, work, relationships (romantic and otherwise). Do not plan how you will do this, just take a deep breath in a place that makes you feel like the world around you has stopped and reflect.

When we allow ourselves to enter into a comfortable, neutral environment with our own reflections we provide ourselves an invaluable service. We invite love and light into our lives by not judging ourselves and by not expecting to have all the answers at once. So long as you decide to make time to pause and reflect at least one day a week you will be the only one in charge of asking questions that rock your world. It does not have to scary or lonely, there are no right or wrong answers and despite the hardships we tuck in at night as mistakes, our reflections are beautiful when we are open to truth.

Author: sheena

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