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Easy Is Temporary

  • Posted by: sheena

As a species of incredible evolution we get bored when we are not being challenged. Like children in grade school who act up in regular classes, we need to constantly be striving towards accomplishing goals in a gifted program because if not we will busy ourselves with easy unproductive tasks that could get us into trouble. As human beings we crave novelty, we are curious and inquisitive and these innate characteristics beg us to do more, to want more.

When we engage in the mundane it seems nice at first. We don’t have to demand much of ourselves, we don’t have to plan or make changes. We can count on certain things whether it is our expectations in the workplace or at home or with our friends. We find comfort in not having to think and do so much. We tell ourselves that we enjoy lessening our load by handing tasks we once loved to someone else. We convince ourselves that taking it easy is an act self-love because we are opening up our time to do more of what we want to do.

These are simply the motions we go through before sinking into an unexpected rut. When things are easy they tend to become routine. As our day to day living becomes routine we stop using parts of our brain and spirit that we use when we challenge ourselves and discover new things. Working through the motions of first being fascinated by easy is a very temporary feeling. It is only novice for so long. Eventually we enter into a state of being accustomed to easy, essentially boring living. After all that we find ourselves in a permanent state of stagnation that seems impossible to get out of.

It is ok to take breaks, to lessen your load by asking for help and delegating responsibilities to respective partners but it is imperative that you do not allow yourself to stay stuck. Make sure that you remain in motion, shift your ideas of ‘free time’ to ‘me time’. Force yourself to get up and go, to get up and do. Challenges although they are ever evolving are not temporary. The satisfaction we feel when we accomplish a goal in any area of our life will never get boring or be temporary because it gives us an inspiring story to share with loved ones and strangers alike. It encourages our higher purpose.



Author: sheena

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