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You Don’t Have To Be Overwhelmed At Work

  • Posted by: sheena

Do you find yourself dreading the sound of your alarm every morning? Do you feel anxious before your day has even begun? Perhaps, you are already making your way down your 1000 mile long list of to-do’s or you already hear the non-stop ringing of the phone, co-worker chatter and the anxious pen and fingering tapping of your cubicle mate. These are classic signs of being overwhelmed at work. Maybe you have outgrown your company/position, have left important matters undiscussed or are you haven’t figure out how to manage your time effectively. Whatever the case might be, there are a few things you can do every day to remove the impending stress of work from your life.

  1. Upon waking each morning,  meditate for 5 minutes to learn to be more present in the moment. Dedicate one minute to each sense, beginning with sight and moving through the others in no specific order. If you are very stressed, do this a few times throughout the day. Take a bathroom break so that you are forced to step away from the task at hand and work through the meditation. This will help you start the day with more clarity and keep you calm throughout your tasks so you don’t overreact to unexpected things that may come up.
  2. Make realistic lists for yourself. If you have a heavy work load that involves writing reports or emails, calling clients or meeting a sales goal, make a list. At the beginning of every month take some time to make a list of what needs to get done in the next 30 days. If you work on a quarterly basis, sit down and make a list for the quarter and check it every month. Then, every day at the close of business go through your check list for the day and celebrate your milestones even if you did not complete every task. You can also practice going through your list the night before. When we prepare the night before we enjoy more restful sleep and dread the alarm a little less because part of our job is already done even before waking.
  3. Prioritize yourself and needs. Take time to make sure you feel good about yourself before you leave the house for work. Take your vitamins, eat a healthy breakfast and take snacks and water for your day. If you like to work out in the morning make sure you give yourself enough time to actually get through the workout you had in mind. Taking time to care for yourself strengthens your inner power of making yourself the priority. This will hep you get through your busy work schedule in an effective and productive way.

Implement these 3 items into your daily to do list and you will find that in a short period of time you will feel more centered and grounded with a healthier work-life-balance.

Author: sheena

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