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Transformation is Inevitable

  • Posted by: sheena

In order for individuals and organizations to thrive, they must embrace and master the art of transformation. Many say change is inevitable. We all know this to be true. More importantly, though, there is transformation – which can result because of change. When it comes to organizations, employers must be proficient at self-adaptation to the constantly changing marketplace.

But how do you do it? How do you learn the best way to go through transformation and know that on the other side of it will be a victorious ending? First and foremost, let go of fear. Yes, we all experience fear to some degree, especially as it pertains to change. We must first learn not to be afraid of transformational change. Like change, fear is inevitable. It comes with being human – embrace it. Allow it to drive your forward rather than immobilize you. Sometimes fear stops us in our tracks — the old belief pattern “what if I fail” prevails if we let it. The most successful leaders in business have documented failures followed by incredible success. What’s their secret? It seems to be about getting up once more than you fall — persistence pays off. Learning through trial helps executives and their teams to be energized to keep going until the goals are accomplished.

In almost every industry, there are new players entering the market and competition is fierce. Consequently executive leaders are scrambling to position their business to thrive into the unforeseeable future. Every leader and organization wants to survive, but to do so you must embrace transformation and dramatically move your organization forward.

Where do you begin? There are two focuses – 1) Transform you and 2) Transform your organization. Here are several actions you can take right now to start transforming you:

1.     Evaluate yourself honestly and assess your transformational skills.

2.     Enlist a business coach or a mentor to help you assess your abilities to transform yourself and your organization.

3.     Come up with a few improvements you can begin with that strengthen your transformation.

4.     Implement your plan and begin to practice these new skills.

After you begin improving you, start to evaluate your organization and determine where it needs to go to thrive:

1.     Develop an innovative vision for your organization.

2.     Contrasting your current state with your vision in order to identify the steps to create this shift.

3.     Creating and executing a plan to carry out the vision.

4.     Create and implement a communication strategy to keep your team engaged and inspired about the forward movement.

Implement these items and you are on your way to helping yourself and your organization thrive during these ever-changing times. Email me today to set up a FREE consultation. As a business coach and a hypnotherapist, I am have experience coaching businesses and individuals to thrive in change and to embrace transformation. For more information, write to me today at Move forward with optimism and everyone around you will enthusiastically follow!

Author: sheena

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