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How to identify toxic relationships

  • Posted by: sheena

What do I mean by “toxic” relationships? To start, toxic doesn’t only include obvious damage like physical abuse, stealing, or verbal abuse, it also represents all the internal pain that results from an unhealthy relationship. Here are four signs that you may be in a toxic relationship:

1. It seems like you can’t do anything right.
The other person constantly puts you down and makes you feel like you’re not good enough. They mock your personality, and you feel ashamed most of the time. You only feel pardoned when you take on the traits of the person doing the condemning or judging.

2. Everything is about them and never about you.
You have feelings, yes, but the other person won’t hear them. You’re unable to have a two-sided conversation where your opinion is heard, considered, or respected. Instead of acknowledging your feelings, they battle with you until they get the last word. Oftentimes, you’re left feeling dismissed, censored, or shamed. 

3. You’re uncomfortable being yourself around that person.
You don’t feel free to speak your truths. You have to put on a different face just to be accepted by that person. You realize you don’t even recognize yourself anymore, and neither do your closest friends and family.

4. You’re not allowed to grow and change.
Whenever you aim to grow and improve yourself, the other person responds with mockery and disbelief. There is no encouragement or support for your efforts. Instead, they keep you stuck in old judgments insisting that you will never be any different than you are now.

If you’re experiencing even just one of these signs, check in with yourself to see if the relationship is doing more damage than good. If you notice it’s bringing damage, why do you think you’re sticking around? Evaluate the relationship and what it’s worth to you. Embrace the answers that come from your intuition, as it wants the best for you—and this relationship might not be it.

Now it’s your turn: Do you find yourself in a toxic relationship? Have you left a toxic relationship and want to share how that decision has changed your life? Or are you afraid to leave a toxic relationship because you fear the repercussions? Shoot me an email at for a free consultation. You’re not alone. If you’re in an abusive relationship, get help today. Don’t wait. You’re worth it. 


Author: sheena

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