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Who’s your TRIBE?

  • Posted by: sheena

Community. Tribe. Network. Girlfriends. Inner circle. Whatever you like to call it, it’s important.  Countless studies show that having a tribe of friends that are aligned with your authentic self is key to being a healthy and successful human being. If you already have that, then you understand the importance of these sacred bonds. If you don’t, then perhaps you’re wondering where you can find community. Here are five questions that I considered in terms of creating or joining a community:

1. What are your values and what values do you want to be aligned within the community?

2. What is the purpose and goal of creating or joining a community? 

3. How often do you want to engage with your community (ex: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)?

4. How do you want to structure your community (ex: private Facebook group, Meetup, Google group, in-person meeting, dinner party etc.)? 

5. What do you have to offer the group and what do you want to receive? How can you share and collaborate?

Once you set your intention, go out and begin meeting people! Volunteer at organizations that proclaim your same message. Join networking circles that support your goals. Join social media outlets that promote community events, like MeetUp or Facebook groups. Sign up to a masterminding group. The point is, don’t wait around for community to find you. Go out and search! And have fun as you do so! The more you enjoy yourself, the easier it will be to attract like-minded people. It’s the law of attraction in practice. Trust yourself, And explore. So go get ‘em, tiger!


Author: sheena

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