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  • Posted by: sheena

If there was one message worth repeating, it is that of Love. You have heard me speak of this before, I you will surely hear me speak of it again. From it stem all miracles, empowerment, and hope. We have, as a culture and as a society, been conditioned to spread the message of Fear. It keeps us small, insecure, and terribly afraid. Before I was incarcerated, I lived out of Fear: fear of the unknown, fear of being insufficient, fear of being vulnerable, fear of losing.

This was before I lost it all. Then I realized that fear was an illusion.

Your old thoughts and beliefs continue to form your experiences until you let me go. Your future thoughts haven’t been formed, and you don’t know what they’ll be. Your current thought, the one you’re thinking right now, is totally under your control. Grab onto that thought for a second – ask yourself if it’s a thought of Fear, or of Love.

We are the ones who choose our thoughts. We may habitually think the same thought over and over so that it doesn’t seem that we’re choosing that thought. But we did make the original choice. However, we can refuse to think certain thoughts. How often have you refused to think a positive thought about yourself?

For example, I have noticed that most women dilute compliments given to them by others. I would often tell my cellmate that she was beautiful. She’d wave her hand and shrug, “Girl, I have not had a warm shower in months, these clothes are wrinkled and smelly, and I cannot remember the last time I had a decent meal. But thank you!” She’d provide a list of reasons why the compliment was unmerited before accepting it. Does that sound familiar? We refuse to accept, and think!, any thought that praises or supports us. Instead, we are consistently berating ourselves for being ourselves!

Well, in the same way that you can refuse to think a positive thought about yourself, you can also refuse to think a negative thought about yourself. It just takes practice. So begin practicing. Anytime a negative thought comes to the forefront of your inner dialogue, be aware of it and replace it. Rather than thinking, “I am afraid of rejection,” think instead, “I love and accept myself, and I am safe.” Such a simple exercise can bring such fundamental change to your life.

By empowering your thoughts, you inevitably empower your life. You create space in your life for the things you desire, rather than attracting that which you do not want. If you remain in the same thought patterns that you were in before, you will only continue to recycle the circumstances of the past. Create new thoughts, create new circumstances. Negative thoughts? Negative circumstances. Positive thoughts? Positive circumstance.

The choice is yours.

Author: sheena

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