Sheena Eizmendiz, C.Ht, C.S.M.C.
Coach. Speaker. Author.

Once deemed, the “Coaching Expert” by Miami’s iHeart Radio’s Y-100 Station for her weekly talk show. Over 20 years working with an extensive client list including CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies and political leaders.  Appeared in numerous TV and radio stations throughout South Florida as a leading expert in her field. Her tools and techniques aim to bridge the gap between Hypnosis, Personal Development and Executive Coaching with NLP –Neuro-linguistic Programming. She is passionate about inspiring and instructing others on how to improve their lives and achieve their goals.

Sheena also specializes in working with top Fortune 500 companies by providing each employee with a personalized solution, through her co-founded framework, WellBiz.  She helps individuals stay free of personal distractions and remain more focused on the job. A published author of two books, “Master Guide of Hypnotic Scripts: Hypnosis Made Easy” and “Path of Emergence: From Loss to Triumph.” Sheena is a national corporate trainer and keynote speaker on the topics of stress, leadership, emotional intelligence and positive psychology.

Bilingual in Spanish and English.