Bringing solutions to the workplace is our mission. We’ve merged the most sophisticated and innovative principles of positive psychology with professional development and combined that to offer a unique blend of corporate trainings, workshops, keynote speaking and one-on-one coaching sessions to meet your companies needs. In cultivating our corporate framework, our team of experts implement engaging programs to make your employees and your company, healthier, happier and more productive. We offer in-depth consultations and customized training programs to meet your companies standards.

Let’s set up a chat to see which of our Professional Development Programs is right for you. All of our programs are customized to meet your industry and needs. We offer programs in Leadership, Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, Effective Communications, Team Development, Business Etiquette, Masterplanning & Prioritization, Performance Energy, Shifting Workplace Mindset, Conscious Culture, Stress Management, Vulnerability, Mindfulness Meditation and more.


The WellBiz experts are national and international providers of well-being solutions that empower employers and their teams to be more productive, demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and profitability. ROI is in their DNA. They strive to decrease cost by leveraging behavior, mental and emotional changes to engage, educate and motivate employees and their leaders. Our experts understand that employees want personalized experiences in their training programs and that results is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

They work with clients to create a customized approach to building a culture of health within their organizations. By aiming to create value for their clients, teams, and companies they serve, the WellBiz experts will always put their passion, pride and enthusiasm into making this happen.

Who Are Your Trainers and Speakers?

Sheena Eizmendiz
Coach / Speaker / Corporate Trainer

Founder of Sheena Eizmendiz, LLC & WellBiz, Corp. Best-Selling Author of Path of Emergence: From Loss to Triumph and Published Author of Master Guide of Hypnotic Scripts. Sheena is a national keynote speaker, clinical hypnotherapist, personal and executive development coach and corporate trainer on the topics of emotional intelligence, leadership, productivity, team building and effective communications. Sheena specializes in working with Fortune 500 companies in the US, the Caribbean and Europe.

Monica Reyes
Coach / Speaker / Trainer

Monica Reyes is a TEDx speaker, certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, a Psychosynthesis certified Life coach, and Corporate Trainer, who left her highly successful law practice after seeing the power of meditation and mindfulness in herself and her staff of 40. She is a highly sought out speaker and works with Fortune 500 companies to develop self awareness, authentic communication and connection, focus/productivity, compassion/vulnerability, conscious leadership and stress management through trainings and motivational speeches.

Gaddy Gonzalez
Coach / Speaker / Trainer

For over 20 years, Gaddy has worked with professionals and organizations to discover their winning formula for peak performance and strategic growth, through her high performance leadership model. She focuses in working with leaders eager to transform their companies future and elevate performance by cultivating their employees’ strengths. Gaddy is an expert trainer, speaker and certified hypnotist on emotional intelligence, stress management, talent acquisition, leadership, and retention. Gaddy offers one-on-one coaching strategy sessions to mid-career to senior executives in the US and the Caribbean.

Yanyn San Luis
Coach / Speaker / Trainer

For over ten years, Yanyn has coached entrepreneurs from all different walks of life in self-confidence and courage. Women who are managers and those who are beginning their career journey. She is an expert negotiator and sales trainer for multi-million dollar companies and top-level executives. Yanyn believes that all negotiations begin with the No. She specializes in one-on-one strategic negotiations, business etiquette protocols, and Linkedin optimization.

Johnny Sfeir
Coach / Speaker / Trainer

Founder of CX Academy providing inspirational direction as a consultant, trainer and international keynote speaker, leading high performance teams, customer experience concept creation, executive leadership training and coaching. Johnny has extensive experience in operations and optimization of resources to address business growth, and disrupt cultures to help them thrive. Successful in creating and implementing strategic plans, revenue maximization and developing improved processes to meet short and long-term objectives within teams. He is a Certified ICF Coach and speaks 5 languages. Johnny is one of the leading trainers and keynote speakers in Mexico, Spain and Dominican Republic for top 5 star luxury hotel chains.

Anadel Alberti
Coach / Speaker / Trainer

Founder of LAFstyle, Author of “21 Days of LAFter”, Wellness and Happiness Ambassador, Certified Stress Management Consultant, Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Adults and Kids Yoga Instructor, Motivational Speaker, Photographer. With over 10 years of experience in the wellness industry, Anadel inspires, motivates and guides executives around the world through personal development and corporate training programs through customized development programs, workshop, one-one-one and group coaching and online classes. Anadel specializes in trainings in the US, Caribbean and Europe.

Eddie Rodriguez
Coach / Keynote Speaker

For over 20 years, Eddie has nationally and internationally coached and spoken in front of top level executives and entrepreneurs in the topics of leadership, stress management, team development and performance. Eddie has appeared on numerous television, radio stations and magazines throughout South Florida including Primer Impacto and Vida Total television shows and has been featured in Ocean Drive Magazine and Voyage Magazine. Eddie has emerged as one of Miami’s most sought after motivational speakers. He is bilingual in English & Spanish.