Luly B.

I am a big planner and strategist. And I have found that one of the best way to set my intentions for the big plans of my year is to attend Sheena's Vision Board Workshop. I have taken it for three years, and I love the way she guides us on being clear about what we really desire and setting our intentions for a successful year. It's a must-attend for me each year! -Luly B.

Diane La Roz Vich

Sheena is an amazing and inspirational coach and hypnotist. All her courses are enlightening and enriching to create the life you dream and deserve. Her vision board training was spectacular. I am excited to see the gifts that will come in 2020. Her hypnosis training program was gave me a special gift that truly transformed my life, my confidence and my business. Sheena is an excellent coach and I highly recommend her for coaching and training programs.

Michelle Alva

Anything Sheena does, she does with the highest degree of integrity and effectiveness. I have taken her Hypnosis Certification program and attended her several of her events. They have all inspired me to gain a deeper understanding of how to work with my clients, who are going through multiple challenges. I have gained a whole new level of confidence and I am so grateful for the results that I am experiencing in my personal and professional life due to having trained with Sheena. this year.

Dariel Martinez

I am very grateful to the Universe for having crossed paths with Sheena. I started working with her after a long series of sinchronistic events, over many months, that lead to being refered by a spiritual consultant to her hypnosis sessions. Working with Sheena has been instrumental to my life's ongoing transformation, having helped me to finally release and overcome obstacles that impaired my growth as a person. I know freedom once again. I know Sheena to be a great person, speaker, coach, teacher, mother, inspirational figure, and overal multifaceted, amazing Goddess Woman. I recommend her services and expertise to anyone reading this. Thank you for all that you do Sheena.

Katy Annicchiarico

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Sheena to offer wellness sessions to our employees. Sheena was extremely organized, always available and knowledgeable. Together we trained over 200 employees and offered over 6 sessions. The feedback received from our employees was extremely positive and i am looking forward to work with Sheena in the future.

Ebony Smith

Sheena taught my hypnosis certification course. She was fantastic at breaking down concepts and giving the group lots of opportunities to practice. After each practice session Sheena gave specific and actionable feedback to help with my skill acquisition. I left the course confident and ready to use the materials.

Gaddy Gonzalez

Sheena is a Powerhouse! She has been a great mentor and source of influence.An inspiration to women of walks of life. I came to Sheena when I found myself needing clarity in my career. Sheena helped me identify my true calling and passion. She has an incredible ability to identify your communication style. She was direct, while remaining compassionate, understanding and caring. She is very diligent and professional. I can count on Sheena when making any major decision. Her stress management and wellness workshops have helped me make a significant impact in my management style and employees well being. Whether you are looking to hire a coach for yourself or your employees, she is who I would recommend.

Miry Perez

Sheena is an amazing coach, not only from personal experience but also from working along side her for many years!

Michelle Nuñez-Mendoza

Sheena is a powerful hypnosis practitioner and author. She’s taken her personal story and channeled her experiences into her work to benefit others and help them heal.

Heidy Estrada

I’ve known Sheena for many years as her client and recently her student. Sheena is a natural in her ability to coach and transform peoples lives. Her passion to help and guide individuals to evolve and tap into the best version of themselves is amazing. She is a true professional and highly knowledgeable in her field from, Coaching, Stress Management, Hypnosis, NLP, EFT.

Angelique Santana

I have had the great pleasure of meeting Sheena through mutual contacts. Sheena is a great speaker and a compelling story teller with valuable content and motivational trainings. She is very focused and committed to serving her clients and corporations. I highly recommend her for your personal and corporate needs.

Violette de Ayala

I have known Sheena for many years and she is a wonderful business woman! She is passionate about her community, about giving back, and making her clients lives better. Sheena is also incredibly creative and an amazing visionary. She has created a wonderful company and has put together a great team that shares her enthusiasm.

Ralph Duran

Sheena is an amazing speaker and coach. If I can sum her up with one word, it would be “INSPIRATIONAL."

Robin Eliani

Sheena is a special woman.  She truly has a gift to help others and is always there.  Her work with my son and I was not only amazing, but she continues to guide and support my entire family in every way because she is a truly caring individual. She is genuine in her work and as a person.  I am lucky to have found Sheena and would highly recommend her.

Raquel R. Hickey

My journey began with Sheena when I won a complimentary consult from a raffle where I made a contribution at a fundraiser and my name was selected. I was at a critical point in my life when this occurred and did not realize how this encounter would catapult me forward with a new life change. After a successful 35 year career, I was laid off without warning and sent me into a year and a half of self-introspection and questioning. Unable to return to the career I performed with ease, I jumped into a new challenge with unexpected ups and downs, trying to overcome many adversities and trying to keep my motivation and confidence I always had. I scheduled my consult and signed up for 7 sessions (what I could afford). Seven sessions later, after wanting to quit with two remaining, Sheena stepped it up, did NOT allow me to quit and shook me out of my funk giving me very specific action items they were not negotiable and I am happy to report that with her perseverance and not letting me quit accomplished to bring my confidence back and I am now out of my sales funk and back to being my confident self, building my own new business in another field! Thank you, Sheena!!!

Leon De La Torre

Sheena is truly one of a kind. She was so understanding of my needs, she helped me to stay focused and motivated on my business projects. It was a really great pleasure working with her.

Roz Delgado

When I first started working on my business I was completely overwhelmed and unsure of where to even begin. I knew that I wanted to help people, but I had no idea what that looked like from a business aspect. then I started working with Sheena and it was as if the universe had sent me the answer to my prayers. Sheena made everything easier to not only understand but also to implement in getting my business up and running. She has been an amazing asset to have and I couldn’t imagine where I would be without her “you can do it” go-getter energy behind me!

Silvia Todorov, C.HT

I was so lucky to have met Sheena. It changed my business forever. I hired her to open up my hypnosis & coaching practice. She guided me step by step. Silergy Wellness Center is a true success thanks to her wellness branding model.

Rosy Aponte

Sheena is the BEST at keeping you focused. She is helping me stay positive and motivated throughout my campaign while I'm running for Circuit Judge. Thank you for all your support and making me feel amazing.

Dan Haymes

Sheena is an excellent therapist. Very easy to talk to, very insightful and knowledgeable. I’ve used several hypnotherapists over the years and her techniques are very effective. She got to the root of my issues and has helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend her.”

Christina Llado

Sheena is amazing!! She’s great at couples therapy, individual therapy & hypnosis. NO ONE BETTER! Thank you, Sheena, for making such a huge difference in my life! 

Muriell Hinds

I took a hypnosis course with Sheena Eizmendiz in order to become a professional hypnotist. Her course is very different than others since she allows you to use your own creativity to guide the client into the hypnotic state; moreover, unlike other hypnotists, she does not use scripts which the clients appreciate very much. I am extremely satisfied with the course and her method of teaching and I would recommend to anyone who feels this professional calling.

Gigi Beauchemin

Sheena makes you feel welcome, she listens and cares. She does her work from her heart, changed my life in a few weeks, guiding me to what I really wanted!